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Reference Done by Ferus

Name: Kairi
Canon: Kingdom Hearts
Timeline: End of KH II
If playing another character from the same canon, how will you deal with this?: I am currently not playing any characters; this is my first character I’m working with.

Personality: Kairi is the kind of girl that not only likes the color pink and walks on the beach but climbing trees, swimming, rowing boats and pulling pranks. Although her background details her as a Princess of Heart, she never did get the royal upbringing that the other Princesses of Heart received. Instead, she’s been living the life of a--somewhat--normal girl from the islands. She loves the sea and the sun, and tends to dislike being cooped up in one place all the time unless it is a location like the Secret Place, where she could spend hours relaxing and reflecting. It is their space, after all—Her, Sora and Riku used to call that their Secret Place, which is how the name stuck.

When around her friends and the people that she trusts…or usually around anyone she gets a good feeling from Kairi is warm and happy; that is to say, she’ll always be around with a smile on her face and won’t mind giving hugs or the occasionally playful shove away from her...or the shove that pushes others in the right direction. She's rather innocent despite the fact that she may seem like a flirt; when something like that is mentioned she’ll blush and try to deny it unless its’ coming out of her mouth....and she'll still blush about it.

Another good trait for her is that she normally doesn’t lie—in fact, she hates when she has to lie—and it doesn’t make her feel ‘normal’. She'd rather be truthful and honest with those she cares about; if she tries to lie, she's very bad at it and it is pretty easy to see when she is worried or sad just by looking in her eyes. She’s very close to Sora and Riku, something unconstrained by distance or time, a strong bond that all three of them share. She really keeps that close to her, and it is an idea that she never wants to forget. She has a strong will that guides her, and a strong heart to add to that. She is someone who waits for days, months, even a year for friends to return, and it shows she has a lot of patience and confidence in "her boys". That year, however, was a little bit taxing on her spirit; sometimes, when she speaks whats on her mind, it isn't as sharp. That year she learned that sometimes one has to think of what they say before they say it, something she carries with her all the time except for when she gets angry at someone for a good reason. Then she may be a little more out there than usual.

Kairi also has a good grip on common sense although her naivety likes to peek through every now and addition to her stubbornness. When her mind is set on something, like helping her friends, she'll do almost anything to accomplish it--even jump from a balcony to defend against a threat (Although that part didn't work out very well...) She's usually rather nice, able to put her trust in people when she can assure herself that they're good-hearted. There are those days where she won’t mind being a silly if it means she can tease her friends every now and then. If threatened or teased she will try to deter from countering back until attacked or she's had enough.

Sora and Riku, her two best friends, have somewhat influenced her while growing up, and she influenced them too. While she has a particular affection for Sora seeing as the two of them were of similar ages (Riku being a year younger) that isn't to say that all of her love goes to him; If she was a Princess of Heart, then Riku would have been one of her favored Knights who lost his way once to the darkness, but she helped him to try and find his way back once again.
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